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Jörg Orlamünder
Jörg Orlamünder

The producer, musician, and CEO:

For over 20 years, the engineer has been leading the company JAMusic and has made a name for himself in the field of audio production. Stylistically, he is open-minded and can find himself in almost any music genre.

His love for music was discovered at an early age, and as a multi-instrumentalist, he learned to play a variety of instruments. His musical journey primarily began on the drums, which accompanied him on many stages for several years.

However, the guitar has also played a significant role, especially in recent years.

His technical education and affinity for sound engineering qualify him for his work in the recording studio. His perfectionism and attention to detail drive him forward. Working as a producer is the logical consequence, combining technical expertise with musical inspiration.



JAMusic was founded in 1997. From the beginning, flexibility and openness in form and content have proven to be successful. The skills in both musical and technical areas reflect the broad spectrum of productions and projects. This enables JAMusic to offer comprehensive production services, including composition, recording, song production, mixing and mastering, as well as complete audio post-production for music and film.

JAMusic 2001

In addition to a variety of CD productions for bands from different musical genres, over the years, these skills have also been sought after by companies and agencies. For example, the official theme song for the McLaren-Mercedes Formula 1 team was created here. Collaborations and releases with major publishers such as Schroedel or Patmos have been recognized with awards, including the German Record Award.

The growing importance of the connection between sound and image led to expanding activities in the film industry and specializing in surround sound. For instance, the audio post-production for the feature film "Kampfansage" for the company "Action Concept" was handled in 5.1 surround sound at JAMusic.
The highly elaborate 9.1 production for the trade fair presentation of Zeiss is another testament to the success of JAMusic's philosophy.

Der Umzug
Libra arrived

In 2007, significant expansions and restructuring took place. The move to larger premises was a natural consequence of continuous development. The new central console became an AMS-Neve Libra Post. In the field of music DVDs, JAMusic took charge of the complete audio process, from recording to the final 5.1 DVD mix, for numerous productions. Noteworthy examples include the music DVDs "Jan Plewka singt Rio Reiser" at the German Schauspielhaus Hamburg and "König von Deutschland" at LTT Tübingen.

In the realm of post-production, elaborate cinema commercials, such as those for Mars/Snickers, achieved outstanding resonance. The internet viral ad for Bosch ESP was awarded the Silver Victoria. JAMusic is responsible for the entire audio production, including music, sound design, editing, and mixing.

The successful music productions for artists like Wolle Kriwanek, die kleine Tierschau, die Füenf, Crekko (German Rock and Pop Award winners), and many others serve as confirmation of JAMusic's philosophy.


In 2012, JAMusic expanded its premises from 190 sqm to 290 sqm and renovated Studio 2. This allowed for separate spaces dedicated to band productions, sound design, and voice over.
Studio 2 was equipped with an additional AMS-Neve Libra Post console, enabling multiple high-end productions to run in parallel. A comprehensive network facilitates the workflow between Studio 1 and Studio 2.

Since 2014, Studio 2 has been managed by Diplom-Ingenieur Hannes Oberhauser.

JAMusic Regie 2 2012
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